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Intermediate Composition (1) September 11, 2008 07124314 JANG YEON JU My recipe; what is the best way to save money well I think many people worry about their financial condition. Also my exchequer was low. But nowadays, because I learn special method to spend money smart, my financial situation is better than old days. So I want to introduce my recipe which saves money well. First you have to know your balance then make a cashbook that is you can write your plan for expenditure as well
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Unformatted text preview: as your incoming and outgoing. It let you know how much money spends in unnecessary expenses you are and will help you to spend your money intentionally. Next, before you go to shopping, think what you need then make a list what will you buy. It will control your mind which wants impulse buying. If you practice these ways on basic then save up some money each month or have an interest in stock market and investment, you are eligible to be rich....
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