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Intermediate Composition 2ver2

Intermediate Composition 2ver2 - In addition she thought...

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Intermediate Composition (1) October 9, 2008 07124314 JANG YEON JU One of my teachers; a teacher like my grandmother I think many of students are influenced in establishing their character by their teachers of elementary school. Also I have a teacher who affected my personality. When I was third grade in elementary school student, my family moved and I had to change my school. At that time, I met her and I can remember vividly her first impression until now. She has a good smile and gray hair, so she looked like my grandmother alive. A few days after, however, I knew she was so strict in contrast with her mild and gentle smile. Because she wanted her students would be polite, if we violated the rules of class, she was transformed a fearful tiger.
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Unformatted text preview: In addition, she thought holding a promise was very important thing, so if we didn’t do homework or hold an appointment with anyone of class members, we could see the fearful tiger one more. Except for these particular situations, she was our class’s delicate grandmother. After finishing that semester because she went to another school, I couldn’t see her anymore. If she is alive until now, I want to tell her “I grew up well and the memory of childhood is so happy because of you”. I’m missing my strict and attentive teacher like my grandmother....
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