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Intermediate Composition 4 - In there we arrived as we saw...

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Intermediate Composition (1) October 2, 2008 07124314 JANG YEON JU I want to go unplanned travel Many people like sea and go there in summer as well as in winter. Because I have a special memory about sea, I want to go to the sea where can be seen sun-rising. One year ago, I studied hard all night for my mid-term and I had to get high grade because I had to enter the dormitory next semester. After finishing the exam, I got lower score than my expectation and my effort, so my class mates closed to me decided to go to see a sea. Although we had a no plan and not enough money, we started on a journey just having a destination.
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Unformatted text preview: In there we arrived, as we saw a sun-rising, we thought about many things and we could also enjoy beautiful scenery of the sea and refreshments. After we came back to our normal life, we recover our composure and we could get high score in final exam. It became one of my unforgettable memories. So nowadays, I want to go unplanned travel which gives me regaining presence of mind one more. In addition, if I can see sun-rising and together with my close people, I can feel more happiness....
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