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Intermediate Composition 5ver2

Intermediate Composition 5ver2 - First Point is called...

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Intermediate Composition (1) October 9, 2008 07124314 JANG YEON JU Know the rules of Tennis game, and you can enjoy it more! Have you ever played tennis or seen a tennis game? I think there are some people who don’t know about rules of tennis game. Because you can enjoy the game more if you know about these rules, I want to introduce the rules. First step of the rules is the game’s method of progress. There are three stages that are Point, Game and Set in the game. Point is a score, which a player can get or miss, when a player succeeds or fails in an attack. A player, who gains fourth Point early, becomes a winner of a Game and a player, who gets sixth Game early, becomes a winner of a Set. When Point or Game is duce, a player can become a winner if he gets consecutively two Points or two Games. Second step is the method of calling Point.
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Unformatted text preview: First Point is called “Fifteen” and when a player can’t get any Point yet, this Point is called “Love”. Second Point is called “Thirty” and third Point is called “Forty”. When both two player’s Points are same, a referee adds “All” in back of Point calling. Third step is the case of losing a Point. Because there are many cases, I introduce some of all. These are a mistake of all serve; reaching to a receiver before bounding a service ball; flying a ball beyond outer line; not returning before second bounding of a ball; and returning as a missing racket. Finally, when players enter the court and the game is finished, give a clap, and they may show play good game. It makes the player has a power and courage. If you learn the rules and keep in mind some manners, you can enjoy a joyful tennis game....
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