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Intermediate Composition 10

Intermediate Composition 10 - are so messy Next to the...

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Intermediate Composition (1) November 20, 2008 07124314 JANG YEON JU Very small my room I have my house which has just one room except bath room. Because my room is very small, there are necessary things to live. First, if you open the gray front door of my house, you can see small brown footwear case. Next to footwear case, there is white refrigerator. Although it is very small, it can expropriate enough food for single person. There are a small sink and a washing machine in right side of door, and there is the door of bath room next to the washing machine. As follow your eyes to opposite clockwise, there is my dark brown suit box which has 4 drawers. On the top of the drawer, there are many kinds of beauty products. Often, they
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Unformatted text preview: are so messy. Next to the drawer, a full-length mirror stand, and next there is my black desk having two drawers. On desk, there are many things such as some notebooks, some notepads, my favorite novels, and my pretty pink laptop computer. If you turn your eyes left, you can see my warm bed, and in front of the bed, there is my clothe hanger which doesn’t arrange always because of so many clothes. Next to the hanger, there is TV which makes me don’t feel lonely. Because center space is very small, when I unfold a large laundry hanger, my room can’t have extra space. However, though here is so a small and tight place, there are many useful things to live well. Therefore, I love my small and warm room....
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