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English Elective 1 - mother is a housewife Sometimes she...

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English Elective 1 Tuesday P.M. 4 07124314 JANG YEON JU My happy Family There are four in my family; my strict father, lenient mother, cute sister and me. I was born in Youngwol, Kangwon-do where my mother’s hometown. However, I spent my childhood in Jeju Island because my father’s work place was in the Island. Then, 5 years later, my family moved to Kwangmyung, Kyungki-do. Next 5 years later, we moved to Buchon, Kyungki-do where we have lived until now. Because my father had to move his work place often, my family could make lots of memories in some different areas. My father is a salary man. He is a diligent person and never knows renunciation. My
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Unformatted text preview: mother is a housewife. Sometimes, she does volunteering for poor people. Also, she has a good talent which makes my family happy. My younger sister is a sophomore studying China and Chinese. Because our age gap is just a year, we are so friendly and spend many times together. Also, because we have similar worries, she is my best talking partner. The last one, I am a junior studying English in this university. I like reading something and watching movies in a theater. Since 2 years ago, I have lived alone close at my school because the distance from home to school is so far. So, I can see my family only weekend. Nowadays, I miss them very much....
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