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Intermediate Composition 1 - better to live. Also, she was...

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Intermediate Composition (2) March 31, 2009 07124314 JANG YEON JU Beloved Yeon ju First of all, she was a good instructor. Though she just started a high school teacher, she established the school taken her name finally. She loved children and students, so she wanted students as much as possible could be happy and have satisfying life. So, the most important goal of her school is helping their students to be happy. The students of the school are appraised their attitude of their life more than exam score. Also, all teachers of the school always respect their students and feel interest in their student’s problems to help solving it. As a consequence of such education, some graduates have made big impact in our society. Although she can’t see the result she completed, the students who will be graduated from her school will change this world
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Unformatted text preview: better to live. Also, she was the great daughter, mother, wife and grandmother. All people of her family loved her. Because there was she in their life wherever, they can never imagine their life she doesnt exist. She always did her best to help her family, and she was a good adviser and helper for her family. Finally, she was a good person in her community. Though she was very busy managing her school and taking care of her family, she did volunteering for poor children every weekend. Sometimes, she went a picnic with orphans and made many plays and performances for them. Because she was a upright woman and used to donate, she doesnt leave much money. However, she leaves love the best important thing of life....
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