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Intermediate Composition 2 - such as long free time However...

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Intermediate Composition (2) April 14, 2009 07124314 JANG YEON JU Keep the promise, and you will change your life! I have two bad habits for my health. One is a skipping breakfast, and other is an irregular sleeping. Many people know how bad to health the skipping breakfast is. Also, the irregular sleeping makes me tired all day. Because these habits make me unhealthy and my life hard, I have to fix above two things. First, I will make a plan of a day. In the plan, there is exact time for sleeping and eating breakfast. Then, I’ll check every day. If I keep the plan so I eat breakfast and sleep early, I’ll give some present for me
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Unformatted text preview: such as long free time. However, if I don’t keep the promise, I will give me some punishment such as reducing rest and play time. Also I’ll be ashamed when I ignore it because it is the promise with myself. I think many people including me know regular life style is best way to be healthy. However, some people don’t do that. I think it’s the matter of one’s will. Although I have the plan and the promise with myself, it will not effect to my life if I don’t have will to be healthy or change my life. Therefore, I will keep the plan and I’ll be healthy. Furthermore, I’ll change my life well....
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