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Paulette Lee Marketing220 Open-ended questions 1 .Playbill is a good and a service. It is a good because it is something that someone wants or need. Playbill is a magazine that is printed for particular shows and handed out at the door on opening night. It is a service because they provides a service to companies who wish to market toward a vague group of people who goes to theatre shows. Playbill doe snot cost the theatre or the people who attend a dime. They provide information about the show such as cast, agenda, and additional information regarding the theatre in general. By using this service the theatre saves money and time from having to print and produce such material internal and it also allows them to keep costs down. Playbill makes money by selling advertisements inside the pages of the magazine. 2. Product: Playbill is a complimentary program that is the provided to theatre going audiences throughout the country at no charge. Core and supplementary services:
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