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Welcome - Getting Started

Welcome - Getting Started - assignments Remember to check...

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Metropolitan State University Welcome to FIN 390 Principles of Finance Your first step in this course, now that you have verified the prerequisites, is to read carefully all the topics in CONTENT > COURSE INFORMATION, with special attention to SYLLABUS and to Schedule - HW and Quizzes Due Dates . This course is designed to serve two purposes: First, should you decide to go on to more advanced finance courses, his course will prepare you for them. Second, should you decide not to go on to more advanced courses, this course will have acquainted you with the way that financial economists approach problems and knowing how they think will help when you must work with them. The key concepts are time value of money, and the relation between risk and return. You will learn to apply these concepts to valuation of stocks and bonds, and then to choosing among investment projects for the firm. This is an online course, so you will have to make a special effort to keep up with your
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Unformatted text preview: assignments. Remember to check the News Section often for announcements. In DISCUSSIONS you will find several forums where you can post questions or answer other students’ questions. Helping others in this way helps yourself – sometimes you learn more from formulating the answer to a question than the other student learns from reading your answer. Use DISCUSSIONS > PRIVATE DISCUSSIONS for course-related private messages to me. (Other students will not see your Private Discussions.) Use my email address only if you have non-course related matters. However, you must use DISCUSSIONS for anything and everything that is course-related. Sometime you may receive announcements at your metrostate.edu address, so you should also check DISCUSSIONS and your metrostate.edu email frequently. Finally, go to DISCUSSIONS > INTRODUCTIONS, and post a short introduction of yourself to the rest of the class....
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