COM Policy on Prerequisites May 9, 2010

COM Policy on Prerequisites May 9, 2010 - To help you plan...

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Metropolitan State University College of Management Policy on Prerequisites Prior to taking FIN 390, you must have successfully completed the following: ACCT 210: Financial Accounting ECON 202: Microeconomics MATH 115: College Algebra STAT 201: Statistics There have been several important changes in prerequisite for key College of Management (COM) courses. All COM upper-division courses (numbered 300 and higher) require prior completion of at least 30 credits. The registration system enforces this prerequisite. All upper-division courses also require well-developed writing skills, so students need to have their writing requirement in Goal 1 completed prior to taking COM upper-division courses.
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Unformatted text preview: To help you plan future courses, the COM Advising Center provides major course sequence chart detailing course prerequisites. Prerequisites can change! If your major has not yet been approved, please review regularly the current course sequence chart for your major at Prerequisite are also noted in the university catalog. Remember, you are responsible for knowing about prerequisite and completing them prior to starting. If you have an approved major checklist, you should follow it rather than the sequence you find online. Note-prerequisite apply regardless of when the major was approved....
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