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Homework Assignment Submission and Grading Guidelines

Homework Assignment Submission and Grading Guidelines - th...

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Homework Assignment Submission, Correction, Grading And Points Submission Guidelines You are responsible for reading and understanding all the documents in the Syllabus, Schedule, and Assignments posted under the various sections of the Content tool. You should submit the homework before the deadline. Homework solutions will be available after this deadline in the Content area. You will use the problem solutions available to grade your work and submit your grades in the Private Discussions area. This information should be written directly right in your message (and not in any attachment) as shown below: Chapter 2: 20/40 (20 points out of total 40 points) Chapter 5: 15/40 Chapter 6: 10/40 Chapter 7: 30/40 You will submit the your first 4 homework scores after the 4
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Unformatted text preview: th homework, your next 4 homework scores after the 8 th homework, and your last four homework scores after the 12 th homework. See Schedule – HW and Quizzes Due Dates (the next module after SYLLABUS in COURSE INFORMATION ) for the assignment and submission deadlines in a week-by-week format. After the points earned by you on homework assignments are received, they will be entered into the D2L course web site under the “ GRADES ” area within 7 days. These points should be submitted on the dates indicated in the “Schedule – HW and Quizzes Due Dates”. Grading your own homework will help you review and reinforce assignment content. I may double check your corrections before entering the grades....
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