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study guide exam 2

study guide exam 2 - Transnational family any core family...

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Transnational family: any core family that lives in 2 different countries Remittances: both Filipino and national economy rely on remittances to survive globalization of motherhood: mothers taking care of children from another country chain migration: idea of slowly building a family from 1 place to another (#1 immigration movement) gender schema: concept of what it means to be a girl/boy or woman/man racism: prejudice plus discrimination based on race individual: racist jokes, work services institutional: built into policies and practices of an institution ethnicity: national origin, religion discrimination: attitudes and beliefs of prejudice (behaviors) color-blind racism minimization of racism: races doesn’t matter, meaning society has become numb to it, not largely talked about Culture as biology: biology of a group used to label a minority (race);. Ex. AA boy growing up in the “hood” Maternal wall: women are able to reach a certain point in their career but hit a wall when there is any consideration of motherhood Opt Out Revolution: women who choose to “drop out” of the workforce and go on the “mommy track” Race: physical characteristics of an individual or group Fictive kin: someone who, though no blood relation, has a close emotional relationship with another that they may be considered part of the family What are some of the solutions suggested by “The Motherhood Manifesto” in response to the demands of balancing work and family?
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