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WK6_Assignment Motivation Evaluation_psy230 - Motivation...

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Motivation Evaluation 1 Motivation Evaluation STARDUST Axia College
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Motivation Evaluation 2 Motivation often helps a person change the course of his or her life by simply a desire to want to do something different. The person I chose for this motivation evaluation is Sarah Palin and her recent decision to step down from being the Governor of Alaska. In recent news, the Governor made an unexpected announcement that she would resign from being Governor. This unexpected move is said to be the first move in her upcoming decision to run for presidency in 2012. The presidential run is at this point still speculation as Governor Palin has said she has not made any future plans for anything political. The decision or motivation, as I will call it for this paper, to step down from her office can be viewed through all three motivational theories. From a psychoanalytic view one could base her reasoning off of aggression towards politics. It is no mystery that Palin has
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WK6_Assignment Motivation Evaluation_psy230 - Motivation...

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