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1 COLT 374gm: Mid-term Exam The authors included in the mid-term questions are: Virginia Woolf, Julian of Norwhich, Margery Kempe, Queen Elizabeth I, Anne Bradstreet, Isabelle Whitney, Katherine Philips, Aphra Behn, and what the professor has mentioned about Fonte during the last 25 minutes of the lecture this past Thursday. The mid-term exam is constituted by three parts: I. ID’s: In this part, you get a list of terms or phrases from the works we have discussed so far. In each of your answers, you need to: 1) Specify the name of the author, the title of the work this phrase/term comes from, and the author’s century 2) Contextualize this term/phrase by specifying in which part of her work the author brings up this idea. 3) Interpretation: Briefly explain what the author means by this term/phrase. What is the significance of this idea in this author’s overarching theme or argument? II. Quotes: In this part, you are given a list of short passages from the works. In each of your answers, you need to:
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