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Study Questions #1: Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own 1. Who is the narrator of this book? 2. Who is the “you” to whom the narrator is speaking? 3. What is the theme of the lecture that she has been asked to give? 4. There are a series of different rooms that the narrator goes into in the course of the essay. What do these different spaces represent to her? 5. When she is invited to lunch at the women’s college, what is the narrator’s reaction to the meal presented to her? What conclusions does she draw from this experience, particularly after she then eats at the men’s dining hall? 6. Who is Mary Seton? Why does the narrator feel a great deal of anger when she is in the room of Mary Seton and to who is her anger directed? 7. When the narrator is in the British Museum library she discovers that women “are the most discussed animal in the universe.” What conclusions does she draw from this realization? 8.
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