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Study Questions #7: Anne Bradstreet 1. How does Anne Bradstreet respond in her literary works to the misogynist backlash that occurred as a result of Elizabeth’s death and the demise of female rule in England? 2. When Bradstreet writes an occasional poem in honor of Elizabeth, what does she emphasizes and why? What images does she use to represent the Queen? As a Puritan woman is this characterization of Elizabeth in keeping with how women were viewed in her day? 3. How did the Puritans view women and how does Bradstreet represent these views in her literary works? 4. In what ways do Bradstreet’s poems adhere to Puritan beliefs? What were her specific and personal conflicts? How does she use poetry to address these conflicts? 5. Bradstreet speaks in her literary works of female power. What does she say about it? In addition, how does she respond to male criticism of female ability and power in her poems? 6. How does Bradstreet represent herself as a writer in her poems, “The Prologue” and “Author
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