243124 - M(0) +n(0)-0+c =0 so C = 0 M(0)+n(2)-(-1)+C = 0...

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12.4 Linear function f(x,y) = zo+m(x-xo)+n(y-yo) Or f(x,y) = c+mx+ny For fixed y, m = dz/dx ……….for fixed x, m = dz/dy Linear fit dx is rows and dz is colums with (y fixed) And dy is columns, while dz is rows with (x-fixed) Must have pattern to be linear in graph form Using linear formula: Find eq of linear function who contain (0,0,0) (0,2-1) and (-3,0,-4) Plug in all through pt values separately
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Unformatted text preview: M(0) +n(0)-0+c =0 so C = 0 M(0)+n(2)-(-1)+C = 0 ……2n+1+0=0 so n = -1/2 M(-3)+n(0)-(-4)+C = 0……-3m+4=0 so m=4/3 Eq ===z=0+4/3*x-y/2 Find Formula of linear function passing through (4,3,-2) with slope 5 in x and -3 in y. Ax+By+C-Z=0 put in points A(4)+3B+C+C = 0 Put in slopes: 4*5+3x-3+2+C=0===C=-13 Plane Eq = 5x-3y-13-z=0 Linear = Z=5x-3y-13...
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