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Unformatted text preview: 13.1 Sum of vectors-Tip to tail then add Difference (w-v)…..W = v+(w-v) Zero vector = displacement with zero length V and W are par if one is a scalar multiple of other, w=tv, for scalar t In same direction if t>0 and opposite if t<0 Resolve v into comp.: v = v1i+v2j+v3k P1P2 = (x2-x1)i+(y2-y1)j+(z2-z1)k Magnitude v = SQRT (v1^2+v2^2+v3^2) V+W = ((v1+w1)i+(v2+w2)j+(v3+w3)k V1 = (v cos theta) V2 = (v sin theta) Resolve V = (v cos theta)i+(v sin theta)j Unit vector = vector magnitude 1 V = i+3j…..So u = SQRT (1^2+3^2) U = SQRT (10) so….=1/(SQRT(10))*(I+3j) Find Unit Vecotr from point P(1,2) and toward Q(4,6). 4-1=3 and 6-2=4 SQRT(3^2+4^2) = 5 So ==3/5*I +4/5*j Find vector of length 10 pointing in same direction 3/5*10+4/5*10 ===6i+8j ...
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