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great expectations - FICTION BOOK REPORT FORM Name Kayla...

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FICTION BOOK REPORT FORM Name: Kayla Thompson Date: 1/8/11 L.A. Period: 1B Title: Great Expectations (Be certain to underline the book's title) Author: Charles Dickenson # of pages: 544 # of credits: 2 Instructor's signature: SETTING Time: Early 1800s Place: London, England MAIN CHARACTERS: List and describe in one sentence. 1. Philip Pirrip (Pip) is the protagonist of the story who starts off as a poor, abused boy, and then becomes a gentleman after being sponsored by an unknown benefactor. 2. Estella is Ms. Havisham’s daughter who has an inability to express emotion and fails to develop healthy relationships with anyone. Pip is in love with her, but she is disdainfully proud of her money and distances herself from those she feels are unworthy to talk to her. 3. Miss Havisham is a wealthy old lady who isolates herself from the rest of the world. She lives in one room of her mansion, where there is no light, and she freezes herself in time. 4. Magwitch is an escaped convict who is moved by Pip’s kindness and in return dedicates his life to making a fortune and becoming Pip’s secret benefactor. 5. Joe is Pip’s brother in law who becomes his best friend while living with him in Pip’s younger years. PLOT: Write a brief "newspaper" account of the major events that move the plot from A to Z. Remember: a good journalist sticks to WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW, so make every attempt to cover all these bases. At the same time, make certain that
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great expectations - FICTION BOOK REPORT FORM Name Kayla...

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