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ENGR3190U: Manufacturing and Production Processes Lecture 12 In class exercise solution Example 2 Start point = X-1.0 Y-2.5, Centre point = X1.5 Y-2.5, End point = X4.0 Y-2.5 R-method: N10 G90 G03 X4.0 R2.5 F3.0 IJ – method: N10 G90 G03 X4.0 I2.5 F3.0 Example 3 Start point = X5.2 Y-5.05, Centre point = X5.2 Y-3.8, End point = X3.95 Y-3.8 R-method: N10 G90 G03 X3.95 Y-3.8 R-1.25 F3.0 IJ – method: N10 G90 G03 X3.95 Y-3.8 J1.25 F3.0
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Unformatted text preview: Example 4 Start point = X-1.5 Y0, Centre point = X0 Y0, End point = X0 Y1.5 R-method: N10 G90 G02 X0 Y1.5 R1.5 F3.0 IJ – method: N10 G90 G02 X0 Y1.5 I1.5 F3.0 Example 5 Start point = X2.0 Y2., Centre point = X2. Y1., End point = X3.0 Y1.0 R-method: N10 G91 G02 X1.0 Y-1.0 R1.0 F3.0 IJ – method: N10 G91 G02 X1.0 Y-1.0 J-1.0 F3.0 1...
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