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ENGR3190U: Manufacturing and Production Processes Lecture 15 G-codes – 1. Spot Facing / Counter Boring Spot Facing The purpose of spot facing is to “smooth out” the surface of certain part Less surface roughness means less movement back and forth when drilling hole Smooth surface also desired if need to put a screw on the part. Counter Boring This is same as spot facing but put a slightly sunken hole in the part Spot facing / counter boring is done with an end mill tool, which pauses at the specified Z-depth for some time (dwell time), and polishes/cleans the surface. G81 Spot or chamfer drilling cycle is used to perform spot facing / counter boring. (G98 or G99)(G81) (Depth of hole: Z)(R-level: R)(Dwell time: P)(Feed rate: F) Rapid motion to R-level Feed rate motion to Z depth Dwell@ Zdepth (time p seconds) Rapid motion return to initial Z-depth or R-level depending on G98 or G99 used. Industry practice is to dwell for 3 revolutions of the tool.
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15Lecture-G-code-chamfer - ENGR3190U: Manufacturing and...

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