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3190U lab 1 - Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science...

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Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Manufacturing and Production Processes (ENGR3190U) Fall 2010 Laboratory #1 – Metrology Course Instructor: Dr. Vinh Quan Laboratory Instructor/Teaching Assistant: Dhruv Oberoi , Jamal Alsadi, and Snahungshu Sikder Laboratory Specialist: Mr. Mike Macleod In this laboratory, you will be provided with the necessary test piece and measuring instruments to perform dimensional analysis on the test piece. You are required to use observations made during the lab to complete the short answer questions provided in the lab. Lecture Section : __________________ Lab Section : __________________ Student Name: ____________________________________________________ Student I.D.: ____________________________________________________
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Test Piece Measurement 1. Introduction Metrology is the science of measurement. It covers both the theoretical and the practical issues related to measurement. The aim of measurement is to determine the value of a quantity, for instance length, temperature, time, electrical resistance or the amount of substance of a certain material. The word metrology is derived from the Greek word `μετρον', `metron': to measure. It was originally used to describe precise measurement of linear dimensions of an object and many of the earlier (post- war) engineering textbooks make extensive use of the term. It is therefore hardly surprising that the SI unit of length, the metre, is also derived from the same Greek word `metron'. During the late fifties and
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3190U lab 1 - Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science...

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