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University of Ontario Institute of Technology Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science ENGR3190U: Manufacturing and Production Processes COURSE OUTLINE – Fall 2010 Instructor: Dr. V. Quan TAs: yongxi.xiong ([email protected]) Jamal Alsadi ([email protected]) Dhruv Oberoi ([email protected]) Snahungshu Sikde ([email protected]) Contact: [email protected], 905.721.3111x2879, U5-63 Note : Please contact TA via their email but use WEBCT mail for me. Calendar Course Description The role and characterization of manufacturing technology within the manufacturing enterprise is studied. Topics include an overview of the deformation process, joining processes, consolidation processes, material removal processes, and material alteration processes; process selection and planning; just-in-time production; computer control of manufacturing systems. Prerequisites ENGR 2220U: Structure & Properties of Materials ENGR 2310U: Concurrent Engineering & Design Course Organization 3 lecture hours per week and 3 laboratory hours biweekly for one semester Required Textbook Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems, 3rd Edition Mikell P. Groover , John Wiley & Sons, Inc., (2007)
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