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ENGR3190U: Manufacturing and Production Processes Assignment #1 – September 20, 2010 Due Thursday September 30 in class. Late assignments are 25% off first day, 50% off second day and 100% off third day. Please slip under my office door. Problem 1 – Chapter 13 An extruder has a diameter of 6.0 in and a length to diameter ratio of 26. The barrel heats the polypropylene melt to 400°F, which provides a melt viscosity of 0.0025 lb-s/in 2 . The pitch of the screw is 4.2 in and the channel depth is 0.15 in. In operation the screw rotates at 55 rev/min and a head pressure of 450 lb/in 2 is generated. What is the volume flow rate of polypropylene from the die at the end of the barrel? (10 marks) Problem 2 – Chapter 13 Consider an extruder in which the barrel diameter = 4.8 in and length = 12 ft. The extruder screw rotates at 65 rev/min; it has channel depth = 0.35 in and flight angle = 20°. The plastic melt has a shear viscosity = 125 x 10
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