Assignment 2 Controls 3350U

Assignment 2 Controls 3350U - 3. [25] An RLC circuit is...

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Assignment 2 Control Systems ENGR 3350U Deadline: 22-Oct, Friday 17:00pm, drop-off box (ENG building), (electronic copy is could be sent via webCT message to teaching staff) 1. [25] Obtain a state variable matrix for a system with a differential equation: ) ( 20 8 6 4 2 2 3 3 t u y dt dy dt y d dt y d 2. [25] A multi-loop block diagram is shown below. The state variables are denoted by x1, x2. (a) Determine a state variable representation of the closed-loop system where the output is denoted by y(t) and the input is denoted by r(t). (b) Determine the characteristic equation.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. [25] An RLC circuit is shown below. (a) Identify a suitable set of state variables. (b) Obtain the set of first-order differential equations in term of the state variables. (c) Write the state differential equation. (d) Draw the corresponding signal-flow graph. 4. [25] The transfer function of a system is shown below. Sketch the block diagram and obtain a state variable model. 10 6 4 10 2 ) ( ) ( ) ( 2 3 2 s s s s s s R s Y s T...
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Assignment 2 Controls 3350U - 3. [25] An RLC circuit is...

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