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Maria Gonzalez Mrs. Vazquezbello AP/IB English III 05 February 2010 Theme Analysis The theme of pursuing one’s moral beliefs against adversity is a theme that is consistent throughout Sophocles’s Antigone. Antigone is the main character who follows the philosophy of going against everything to achieve a goal. Antigone has every disadvantage available, yet she does not back down, and she follows through burying her brother. In a time when women are looked down upon as inferior to men, Antigone breaks the rules of what a women’s role is, and she achieves to calm her hurting heart by burying her brother. The subservient character of women is especially shown when Ismene, in an attempt to talk Antigone out of breaking the law, states “we are women born Unapt to cope with men; and, being ruled By mightier than ourselves” (Sophocles 3). This shows how women, during these times, adapt to their
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Unformatted text preview: environment, and accept their limited role. However, Antigone sprinkles “thirsty dust Over the form-add[s] the proper rites” (Sophocles 10). Her rebellion does not only represent women’s strength but also it represents one’s ability to achieve any task no matter how impossible it seems. It represents the will and courage to pursue a moral belief, even if it goes against the law. Ismene, despite her cowardice, also tries to pursue her moral belief when she wants to accept the blame along with Antigone. She states, “Yes, I have done it-if Antigone Says so-I join with her to share the blame” (Sophocles 21). She believes it is her duty to stand by her sister, and is willing to be accept the consequences. Gonzalez 1...
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