Persian and Greek society had some similarities

Persian and Greek - with their master or mistress Even though debt-slaves were part of Greek society during the archaic period Solon’s reforms

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Persian and Greek society had some similarities, and some differences. Although Persians held some prisoners of  war, they weren’t considered slaves; they were just workers brought to the empire to farm the royal estates and to  work on construction projects. However, Greece contained slaves who were usually of foreign origins that were  considered pieces of property, and most of them were domestic servants although they had a good relationship 
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Unformatted text preview: with their master or mistress. Even though debt-slaves were part of Greek society during the archaic period, Solon’s reforms guaranteed the freedom of all Athenian citizens, thus abolishing the enslavement of individuals for not paying their debts. In both Greece and Persia, a patriarchal family organization existed, meaning that the male head of the household had nearly absolute authority over the rest of the family members....
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