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My poem - Of a Happily Ever After Jane Eyre Including a...

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Poem # 4 It is rather unlikely for me To choose one over the other. But the feelings acquired when reading Beastly, Were at some point more intense Than the ones from Jane Eyre. Beastly. Relating to our surrounding world, In addition to being a more complex extension of Beauty and the Beast, Was absolutely remarkable. Not knowing what will happen next. Would Kyle/Adrian always remain the same? Don’t we all love that feeling
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Unformatted text preview: Of a Happily Ever After? Jane Eyre, Including a Happily Ever After as well, Was not so much relating to life. At least not my life. The complexity, however, Was simply admirable. The story it told, as well. For we all have, or might experience The feeling of undesirable love, In addition to the lovely sense of romance. The passion, romance, mystery and suspense Adds up to a remarkable book....
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