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Both Books Poem - They care for others and are able to see...

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Poem #3 It’s not always so easy To find someone worth knowing. There’s always The spoiled, mean, self-centered ones. They’re the ones who judge by Looks, money, popularity. They’re the ones who may be beautiful on the outside, But horrendous on the inside. Their cruel, harsh hearts: Merciless. Thankfully, There’s always those who oppose. The sweet, warm-hearted ones. Of course, they’re not perfect. Nobody is. But their hearts aren’t as cold.
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Unformatted text preview: They care for others, and are able to see the real beauty of things. One may be of “unfortunate appearance”, But real beauty is being able to look through that, And into their hearts. Change, is not impossible. Once one is willing to accept the nature of their ways, Change is right down the road. They may begin to change their ways and believe: Beauty is not always skin deep....
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