Jane Eyre Chart - Jane Eyre: Somebody-Wanted-But-So Chart...

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Jane Eyre: Somebody-Wanted-But-So Chart Chapter 1 Jane wants to read Bewick’s “History of British Birds” while hiding behind the curtains of a window seat, but John Reed told her she had no right because she was an orphan and struck her with a book so Jane began fighting to defend herself. Chapter 2 Jane wants to be freed from the red room when she sees the “ghost of her uncle”, but Bessie, Ms.Abott and Mrs. Reed accuse her of trying to trick them and don’t let her go, so Jane faints. Chapter 3 Jane wants to tell Mr. Lloyd, the apothecary, of how she is mistreated in her household but he only considers that she lives in a beautiful, wealthy home, so Jane Eyre agrees that she would rather be mistreated in a wealthy home than be loved in a poor one. Chapter 4 Mrs. Reed wants to make Jane seem like a liar with a wicked heart in front of Mr. Brocklehurst but Jane attacks her with a series of accusations so Mrs. Reed becomes stunned and leaves. Chapter 5 Jane wants to think that Mrs. Reed had paid for her school, but she finds out that she hasn’t so she realizes that she doesn’t truly have a family. Chapter 6 Jane wants to convince Helen that the way she thinks is wrong, so she tells her about the Reed family, but Helen just replies with a long speech about how we must forgive our enemies. Chapter 7 Jane wants to test Helen’s philosophies by not fighting back and receiving her punishment from Mr. Brocklehurst but she decides that she is not like Helen although she endures the punishment so she is isolated, except for when Helen disobeys Brocklehurst and smiles at Jane. Chapter 8 Jane wants and needs the love of other to survive but Mr. Brocklehurst caused all the other children to ignore her and ‘hate’ her, so Helen reassures her that they actually feel bad for her and Ms.Temple finds out a way to clear Jane of the accusations towards her. Chapter 9
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Jane Eyre Chart - Jane Eyre: Somebody-Wanted-But-So Chart...

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