Fishbowl Their eyes were watching God

Fishbowl Their eyes were watching God - has the keys to the...

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o Tea Cake treats Janie as his equal. 1. For example, in chapter 10, he invites her to play checkers. 2. When she doesn’t know how, he teaches her. This makes Tea Cake stand out to Janie. She is not used to men thinking that it is natural for women to play. 3. Janie is not used to this. For example, when she was asked to make a speech by Taylor, Joe interrupted saying women are not meant to make speeches. This angered Janie. 4. Tea Cake entertains her with stories and treats her like a normal person. He says she is able to walk seven miles; any women can. 5. He teaches her how to fish and drive a car. o Tea Cake plays music for her and caresses her (combs her hair.) 1. He kisses her and combs her hair. 2. He hugs her. 3. He makes her happy. o Tea Cake compliments her. o Janie’s relationship with Tea Cake has passion and love. She finally feels that someone, Tea Cake, can be the bee to a blossom-a pear tree blossom in the spring. o Tea Cake makes her feel special. He earns her trust and love. He tells her that she
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Unformatted text preview: has the keys to the kingdom. This means that she has the keys to his heart. o Tea Cake and Janie spend a lot of time together; hunting, dancing, fishing, and watching movies. 3. Negative effects of the relationship. o Everybody criticizes Tea Cake and Janie because 1. Janie is 12 years older than Tea Cake 2. Tea Cake is a poor and younger man. 3. Only 9 months have passed since Joe Starks died and she is already with Tea Cake. They think she is not paying the correct amount of respect to Joe’s death. 4. She is not mourning 5. The town believes Tea Cake is after her money, and everything she has (which was earned by Joe’s hard work). 4. How a change in circumstances might have given other results. o If Tea Cake had not stopped at the store, then Janie would have 1. stayed alone; in charge of the store. She was tired of following her grandmother’s way. She did not want protection anymore. She wanted love and passion. o...
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