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Laura Peinado Since car accidents are one of the leading causes for deaths around the world, one is usually led to wonder, what is the main cause for car accidents? Why is it that, most of the time, stampedes of police cars and ambulances are always rushing to car accident scenes? Death defying car accidents occur when irresponsible and inconsiderate people drive, and do not bother to correct bad driving habits such as listening to loud music, talking on the cell phone, or failing to check blind spots. To begin with, listening to loud music is a driver’s worst enemy. Listening to music while driving consistently affects driving speed, which can most of the time cause horrendous accidents in which more than one person will be gravely affected. This is true especially with young drivers, who listen to music with a fast tempo. The tempo of the
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Unformatted text preview: background music, recent studies have shown, causes a driver to increase speed. This can lead to speed violations, and in the worst possible scenario, a deadly crash. Also, listening to loud music can cause a driver to lose concentration. Let’s picture a young, inexperienced driver, listening to loud rock. As the driver cruises down the avenue, the stereo is booming and his/her speed is gradually increasing. Suddenly, the light turns red, but of course, he/she is too distracted listening to music to notice. Anyone can guess what happens next. So, listening to loud music will necessarily affect a driver’s speed, and ability to concentrate, and will, in most cases, cause catastrophic accidents....
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