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1a. According to source E, the “mini-state” solution refers to one where the land is divided and both sides, the Israeli people and the Palestinians have their own “mini- state.” However, Arafat dreams of a “future state where Palestinians as well as Jews would live together.” 1b. The political cartoonist portrays that the role of the PLO is to raise consciousness, in a civil manner, of the oppression that Arabs have and are going through. The olive branch represents peace and civilization. The caption at the bottom reads, “ Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand” which signifies the attempt to arrive at a settlement. However, if a settlement or peace is not reached, Arafat is not afraid to drop the olive branch, and therefore, go to war. 2. Source A portrays Arafat holding an olive branch. This is significant because the olive branch represents peace and prosperity. The cartoonist wants to portray Arafat, and therefore the PLO, as searching for peace, rather than war. However, the cartoon emphasizes “Don’t let the olive branch fall from my hand.” This means that they want peace but are also ready for war, if a settlement is not reached. The cartoon wants to emphasize that the Palestinians are still aggressive. However, source A does not support source D, since source D accuses Arafat, and the PLO, of being a terrorist organization. Arafat in source A is portrayed as wanting peace and civility; however source D accuses the PLO of being a terrorist organization and Arafat, therefore, of being a terrorist. Source B is Arafat’s speech to the UN. In it, he establishes the difference of a terrorist from a revolutionary. He does not hesitate to state and emphasize the “dreams and goals” of the PLO. So, he claims that the PLO supports peace, justice, and equality
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between Christians, Jews and Muslims. He also states that the reason to why the
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DBQ 4 BLACKMON - 1a According to source E the mini-state...

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