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Ivan Denisovitch Project - lack of hours the camp members...

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In the novel One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich, the time, the hour, the minutes of just one single day play an important role in Shukhov life, as well as in any other prisoners. Although, any other person would think that the days of the prisoners should go by fast due to there rigorous work, but Shukhov look at time as when he will be able to leave the camp. That is why time is precious and valuable for these camp member, especially for those who had to serve a life long sentence. The theme of Time is a possession could be seen just by the way the book is written, by detailing every single part of Ivan Denisovich’s life all in one day. Due to the
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Unformatted text preview: lack of hours the camp members are allowed to sleep and going to bed late after an extremely long day of work could make the day seem longer than it really is. Also, the weather play a contributing factor to how time is used by these camp members. The freezing temperature of Russia could make time go by slower just because it makes working condition much more harder and longer. That is why the little time that they do have is precious for them and they take that time to reflect upon themselves whether if its when they are eating their meal or just before they go to sleep....
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