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Enging seminar hw 5 - class is the hardest and Im having...

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Brennan Baker Engineering Seminar Hw 5 10/19/10 A) Some things that are affecting my performance are the hours I put into studying. I am just getting used to finding my strong points and weak points and what I have to study for more. I will continue to mature in the fields that im best at the longer im here. B) Nothing is really external. My friends study at the library all the time, and my family is supporting me 100 percent. C) It is a combination of things starting with not seeking help. My chemistry
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Unformatted text preview: class is the hardest and Im having trouble learning the material. I went to a tutor the past few weeks so that has help me and I will continue to do so. My study habits are getting better and better as the year goes on. D) I can continue to do what im doing now that ive adjusted. I can continue to go to the library and tutoring whenever possible. I can better schedule my time in and out of class....
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