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Appendix C One of the first things I would change would be punctuation. I felt that as I read the first two paragraphs, there were comma’s missing. There also seemed to be a few run on sentences. It is important to pay attention to these details because it ensures that the reader doesn’t get confused as they read. When writing for an audience, it is important that they can understand what they are reading. The purpose of writing is to convey a message to an audience through your writing. If you can’t get a clear message because it’s hard to understand then you aren’t doing your job. I also felt like using a bunch of last names in the third paragraph and then throwing a few full names at the end was uncomfortable to read. It felt like the writer expected that everyone should know who he was talking about. That is not a correct way to write. It again confuses those that aren’t up to date with the writer’s information.
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