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Paragraph 1 Marc Siegel, Treating the Pain by Ending a Life, is well written. The persuasion for me was easy. I have watched close family members pass away in pain. My grandmother die dof kidney failure and my brother of pneumonia. Allowong a person to pass on without pain and suffereing is a great thing. It allows them the pride of not having friends and family see them in pain and agony. Sometimes the pain is so great they cry and scream. It is something that is very hard to have others around when you are going through it. The pain is also hard to watch. I agree when he says that a doctor has to roles. To prolong life and to ease suffering. Paragraph 2 There was a lot of great feedback from write point. It showed me that there were unecasarry words. At first I felt like taking the words out would cause my paper to be less effective, but after taking them out and reviewing my paper it really intensified the impact of my paper. I was greatly surprised and impressed. It also offered other words to
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