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Dear Journal wk1 - I haven’t seen my daughter since they...

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Dear Journal, I have worked 14 days in row now in this heat. I don’t understand why the man who calls himself my master, treats me like a dog, can expect me to keep this up. Why does the color of my skin define who I am to all the white people. I feel helpless, alone in a world of thousands. Mike, the one person in this place that befriended me and made my days a little more bearable, has shipped off to the army. I wish him luck in his future, but am sad for the loss of the comradery we shared.
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Unformatted text preview: I haven’t seen my daughter since they took her. On her 17 th birthday they traded her off like some trophy. I am not sure what gives me the strength to keep going, I guess that hope that one day I will not be defined by my skin color. I hope to see my daughter again one day, when we are free. Free to live where we wish, working a job cause we want to , not because we are demanded to and beat if it’s not completed perfectly. Let those days come soon, for my heart is breaking....
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