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wk5 christianmuslim - Running head: UNITED STATES-CENTRIC...

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Running head: UNITED STATES-CENTRIC VIEWS COMPARISON 1 United States-Centric Views Comparison Travis Prine ETH/125 2/6/2011 Jody
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UNITED STATES-CENTRIC VIEWS COMPARISON 2 United States-Centric Views Comparison My friend that completed the other sheet put a lot of emphasis on how well educated and overall better the Christians are then the Muslim and Arab Americans lifestyle. I was really surprised. I seemed to place a lot of my options in the middle, where he really segregated the different cultures. He had placed many negative views for the Muslim and Arab Americans, where I felt that there really wasn’t that much of a difference. I had a couple that I felt belonged on both groups, such as some oppression towards woman. I realize that there are women’s rights in Christianity but I also see a lot of stereotypical oppression, like that females are home makers, and the men are the bread winners. Some descriptors that I feel are very true towards Christian Americans are, feminist. In Christian American culture females are not scared to speak out when they feel injustice. I also think that most of the time they are heard, whether that changes anything depends on the situation I guess. Another that I agree with would be immodest dress. I have met many Christian Americans who don’t seem to pay much attention to how they dress, or how others view there attire. I also think that a lot of Christian Americans can be somewhat hypocritical, meaning that on Sunday they wear their best dress, but the rest of the week matters a little less. The descriptors for the Muslim American I would agree with are that they do dress modestly. They are very
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wk5 christianmuslim - Running head: UNITED STATES-CENTRIC...

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