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The Green Zone The Green Zone is a good political movie. The movie has to do with a group of soldiers in Iraq. It shows the impact that our soldiers have by being there, and the heart ache the country see’s as there government deteriorates and there home breaks apart. It also shows political the possibility of corruption. How a political leader will do what it takes to get what they want done, no matter the cost. I think that this movie tells us in short how some of society feel about the war in Iraq. That our American soldiers are there to enforce our law no matter the cost. It brings to our eyes the heart ache the Iraqis may feel as a people, watching there life as they know it change without a choice. I had seen a struggle where a gentleman has to decide what the best decision for his people is, and whether his help to the American soldiers will help or hurt his beliefs. I think this is a big message as to how a lot of people may feel here and there. This movie also showed political corruption. There are many people in our society
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Unformatted text preview: today that believe in a mass of political corruption. This movie showed how one person in the position of a leader has the ability to twist and bend orders for his personal gain and beliefs. Not worrying about others lives, thoughts or feelings. He twisted and changed and pushed and coerced those around him to get what he wanted. What he was after in the movie was complete American control over the government system in Iraq. These are both very real and current issues. The war in Iraq has been an issue for a while since the day it started. There are so many view points and beliefs, from those who support the American army correcting a country that is running itself into the dirt. To a barbaric American army pushing those around that are defenseless. There are also many people that believe the government is so corrupt that every show on TV is a message to try to corrupt America’s youth....
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