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Week 2 Ass - Decide which side you agree with the most...

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Decide which side you agree with the most. Explain what key habits are hindering your thinking when looking at the opposing view and defending your own. Describe what you can do to overcome those habits that are hindering your thinking I don’t really mind if we expand our oil drilling. I don’t really follow politics, and at first thought I see more available jobs. More oil resources I believe is always good. It keeps us from relying on one place, and searching for new ones. Now I understand the opposing views, according to a USA Today article found in our school library, some environmentalists are worried that it will begin destroying more of our land. I can see there concern, it is no easy task to go in and prep to drill for oil. I would assume that several acres can easily be ruined from a drill zone. So really this poses a serious question. Do we risk land for oil, and jobs? Honestly I can’t take a firm stand on either opinion. I realize this assignment is to pick one side but it is a very difficult decision. On one side we have some since of security knowing that
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