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Unformatted text preview: Provide a brief introduction and background on the issue. o Explain whether you consider this issue to be a moral matter and why. o Address any dilemmas surrounding the issue that your local community must deal with. o Explain the basis of judgment you believe should be used for addressing the moral questions or dilemmas surrounding the issue. • Include a title for your blog entry. • Cite any sources and references according to the Axia Style Guide Handbook. Post your paper as an attachment to the ‘Assignments’ tab. • To help stop Global Warming. Massachusetts has developed a wind farm. They are using the wind and windmills to harness energy to help cut down on global warming. The issue is that two state officials are trying to put a stop to this. I definitely consider it a morale issue. Helping to stop global warming is a wonderful idea. When people make ideas to help better our way of life, and preserve what we have, why would anyone want to stop that? I don’t understand how an official could say that the Wind Farms are in any way a bad idea. Not only does it help with the global warming epidemic, but it gives people jobs. The only dilemma I see is that stopping what they are doing in Massachusetts really affects the entire world. So yeah this dilemma hurts the world as a whole. I think that the basis of judgment should be whether it is helping or hurting our way of life. Is there any thing involved in this wind farm that is dangerous? Is it going to harm our oceans, or our environment? If you can answer in a positive way to these questions, then why is there even a dilemma or judgment? I gathered my information from. http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/multimedia/videos/Cape-Wind-/ ...
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