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wk 7 assignment

wk 7 assignment - To whom it may concern I have found that...

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To whom it may concern, I have found that many in our community have been becoming ill. I have done some investigating and find that it may lead to our own local gas company. This is a major concern. To stand tall as a community we need to keep our community healthy. I am seeking help in discovering what the exact cause for these illnesses may be, and how we can go about finding a solution to remedy the illness that is infecting our community. Without a solution I fear the infection will spread and bring discomfort to our community, may even cause many to leave. They may leave for fear of the sickness, or feel like the idea of a small village is a bad idea. I don’t want this to happen; I enjoy the peace and harmony that comes from this gathering of neighbors. When I began investigating these problems I asked questions like, what do those that are ill have in common? Where is this sickness originating from? What I found was that the problem is originating from the local gas company. There is some sort of chemical
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