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Whitney Tessers TMA 202- Section 2 January 13, 2011 Prompt #2 “An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?” -Kant 1. What does Kant mean by “alien guidance”? Who in your life keeps you “immature” in controlling your understanding? (5) Kant means that “alien guidance” or “naturaliter maioreness” is essentially the guidance of another in using one’s own understanding. It is the going along in life without thinking for one’s self. Parents can often keep their children immature by not allowing them to make their own mistakes. Kant goes on to say that “they would certainly learn to walk eventually after a few falls”. More importantly, though, Kant believes that we, as both a human being and a society, are truly the ones at fault for keeping ourselves immature. Kant calls out the reasons to be laziness and cowardice. 2. What is the relationship between obedience and free-thinking, according to Kant? (5) Kant defines the relationship between obedience and free-thinking as the fact that one
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