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Whitney Tessers TMA 202 January 25, 2011 Prompt #4 Preface to Cromwell, Hugo Act I of Hernani, Hugo 1. According to Hugo in his Preface to Cromwell, there are three different ages of man (and art). Identify each of these ages and briefly describe each period and give an example of the pinnacle work of art in each. (10) According to the Preface, Man goes through youth, manhood, and old age, which can be seen as primitive, ancient, and then modern times. The Preface goes deeper into poetry having three different periods, which correspond to the ages of time as well: the ode, the epic, and the drama. Hugo believes that the ode discusses eternity and represents ingeniousness, the epic deals with the gravity of history and simplicity, and the drama draws the picture of life giving the world truth. It doesn’t matter how the world traces the ages, it will always find that one will precede the last and so on. Finally, the pinnacle works of art in each of these ages, according to Hugo, are the Bible,
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