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Whitney Tessers TMA 202 February 2, 2011 Prompt #6 Uncle Tom’s Cabin - Aiken 1. Select 3 of the markers of melodrama as discussed in class and give examples of each in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. (6) The Living Theater describes melodrama as “song drama” or “music drama” – not only are there songs included in this play, but music also plays a huge role in setting the tone and creating the suspense. One scene in particular is a great example of this. Scene four is when Eliza and Harry and being hidden by Phineaus just before crossing the river. Haley has followed her there and just before jumping in the river, the script calls for “music, chord”. Also, in melodrama, villains and heroes/heroines stand in complete contrast to one another. The audience easily hates the villains, as well as can easily sympathize with the heroes. This is most easily seen in the last few scenes where Tom is beaten “an inch from death” by Legrees’ orders, yet Tom still finds the capacity to forgive him. Finally, melodramas are known to hold the audience’s interest and will
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