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Whitney Tessers TMA 202 February 8, 2011 Prompt #7 “The Dream As Wish-Fulfillment” from The Interpretation of Dreams - Freud 1. Freud argues that all dreams are predominately dreams of wish-fulfillment. Briefly recount a dream you had this week. Can you explain it in terms of wish-fulfillment? (5) This week, and often, I dream about being in Paris. I went on a study abroad to Paris for a month this past spring term and have desperately wanted to go back and visit. My fiancé and I have often talked about going there, and I have excitedly told him all of my favorite places that I want to go back and visit again. In the dream this week, I was in Paris with my fiancé showing him all the places I had been before on my study abroad. I did not want to wake up, I was having such a great time in my dream that was obviously what Freud would call “wish-fulfillment”. 2. How might understanding Freud’s theories here expand an understanding of certain works of literature? (Things you may want to consider:
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