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9_Pygmalian - (5 3 The ending of this play is...

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Pygmalion Shaw 1. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, was a melodrama that dealt with the social dangers of slavery. Pygmalion , as with most of Shaw’s work, is considered a masterpiece of realism. Identify the social problem that Pygmalion wrestles with, and discuss the style in which it is presented. Do you think melodrama or realism is more effective genres for addressing social issues? (10) 2. What does this play suggest about the possibility of upward mobility? Consider language, employment, and position in society.
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Unformatted text preview: (5). 3. The ending of this play is controversial—Shaw was adamant that Eliza not marry Higgins, and writes the epilogue that ends the story with her marriage to Freddie. Yet, most productions (including the original, which Shaw himself directed) end up alluding to a reconciliation between the two main characters. If you were the director, would you follow this tradition, or would your follow Shaw’s wishes with the ending. Why? (5)...
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