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Whitney Tessers TMA 202 March 6, 2011 Journal 13 The Good Person of Setzuan- Brecht 1. Describe three of the unique dramaturgical techniques that Brecht uses in this play in order to “make things strange” to the audience. (6) First, Brecht uses the technique of the actor directly addressing his audience. This makes things strange to audiences because, usually, actors do not break that fourth wall. It is surprising and unusual. Second, he uses songs that often interrupt the action or important parts of the dialoque. Third, the performer seems to actually observe him or herself, which makes things strange to the audience and makes them critical thinkers instead of just observers. 2. Why must Shen Te become a man in order to maintain control of her business? Can Shen Te’s female-ness ever be completely lost in the Shui Ta? What are the implications of the female body on stage in this role? (7) Shen Te must become a man to control her business because of the way she is looked at when she is herself. Everyone sees her as “The Angel of the Slums”, whereas her cousin has the
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